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Authentic Cuisine


four deep fried rolled corn taquitos filled with chicken or shredded beef, served with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole


chopped steak cooked in red sauce served with rice, beans, and tortillas


soft corn tortillas cooked in cheese and green salsa choice of grilled chicken or steak (available spicy) served with rice, lettuce, sour cream and tomatoes

(A-4) Primo Especial

Steak, chopped shrimp and chicken all marinated in salsa ranchera. Served with rice, beans and tortillas.

(A-5) Alambre

Grilled chicken, chorizo, bacon, onion and poblano peppers topped with cheese. Served with rice, beans and tortillas.

(A-6) Chili Rellenos

Traditional dish consisting of two relleno peppers stuffed with cheese and topped with mild red sauce Served with rice, beans and tortillas.


thin sliced grilled steak served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, tortillas, and avocado


sombrero taco shell filled with grilled steak or chicken and onions covered with cheese sauce, lettuce and guacamole


thin sliced steak lightly breaded served with rice, guacamole, lettuce,tomatoes and tortillas


Mexican bolillo bread toasted filled with mayo, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, beans, cheese, avocado, and jalapenos. Your choice of meat is steak, grilled chicken, chorizo, al pastor, milanesa or ham. Comes with fries

(A-11) Molcajete

Grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, chorizo, cheese, green salsa, nopales, and onions, all served in an authentic heated stone Molcajete bowl with warm tortillas.